Fleet Maintenance Made Easy

Available now for iPad and the web.

Fleet Maintenance Made Easy

Available now for iPad and the web.

Fleet Maintenance Made Easy

Available now for iPad and the web.

Fleet Maintenance

Manage more boats with less resources and increase your bottom line.

Open up communication between you and your maintenance teams.

You’ll be able to easily coordinate boat checks across your entire fleet and quickly keep track of maintenance tasks.

60 second overview

Why Total Superyacht Fleet?

Streamlined Operations

Every boat check and maintenance task, all in one place. Easily identify issues, receive owner approval and brief sub-contractors.

Effortless Reporting

Swap your clipboard for an iPad. No need for manual data entry—data is synced to your cloud server straight from the iPad. Easily compile reports for clients and send them off fast.

Superior Service

Owners can approve or reject repairs from within the App and you get notified with their comments in real time. This leads to faster turnaround and happier clients.


You won’t have to copy and paste your reports from a cumbersome spreadsheet any longer. Eliminate mistakes made when copying from spreadsheets or deciphering handwritten notes.


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Looking for Fleet Pricing?

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised!

Get on top of your fleet maintenance!

Whether it’s weekly boat checks or coordinating repairs managing a fleet can be a nightmare.

With Total Superyacht, you’ll sail through weekly maintenance and be ready for the owners weekend cruise.

Electronic data syncing means you don’t even need to wait for staff to get back at the end of the day.  You can have their reports as soon as they’re done.

Manage everything in one place!

Collating maintenance reports from paper checklists can drain time out of your day.  Especially when there are 4 or 5 checklists per boat that need to be matched up with the photos on your cameras’ SD cards.

Total Superyacht lets you take fault photos in-app and best of all they are automatically named to the fault.

Guaranteed to increase productivity and your bottom line.

With Total Superyacht Fleet, It's Simple Mate!

Let us demonstrate how easy it is to set up the system and get it running.