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We are a team of veteran yachting professionals with over 70 years combined experience as Captain, Engineer, Purser, Chief Stewardess, Bosun/Divemaster, Deckhand and Stewardess.

We deeply understand the daily demands faced by crews, and the needs and shortcomings of the yachting industry. Our extensive onboard experience has helped us create the most comprehensive Superyacht reporting system on the market—a platform the entire crew will intuitively understand and enjoy.

Our team is led by David Clarke, who’s voyaged well over 500,000 nautical miles around six continents, commanding Superyachts up to 73 meters, during his twenty-seven-year career.  His operational experience and knowledge have made David Clarke an internationally respected large yacht captain.


In 2012, we launched a passion project called the Superyacht Operating Systems, a free library of documents, procedures, and templates for professional yacht crews. Inspired by our love and respect for the ocean and the yachting industry, our goal was to deliver consistency in yacht operations, even after crew turnover.

Because every yacht owner and captain has different needs, we allowed subscribers to upload their own documents into a shared database. This allowed captians and crew to select the format or wording they liked best and download and edit the documents that fit their operations, allowing them to work smarter, not harder.

The immense success of guided the creation of Total Superyacht, a comprehensive, state-of-the-art reporting system for ISM, Private Yachts, and Fleets.


In November 2014 the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) published a report stating that administrative requirements have become so overwhelming, they can actually decrease safety onboard ships. The IMO’s number one recommendation was for vessels to use electronic means for reporting and record-keeping.

But current software systems are clunky and outdated. Crew are looking for better solutions that actually meet their department’s needs.

That’s why we created Total Superyacht.

Our App makes day-to-day operations seamless, allowing crews to use their time wisely and owners to enjoy greater consistency of service. It greatly reduces the administrative burden so the crew can focus on providing safe and exceptional service. It even serves as a training tool for new crew members, greatly reducing the time HODs need to devote to one-on-one training.

Our goal is to make ISM so easy, even private yachts will voluntarily participate for the increased safety it provides.

Whether you command a single yacht or manage a whole fleet, we guarantee our app will improve safety, consistency and owner satisfaction.

Our Core Values

Helping You Succeed

Simple solutions that make it easy to thrive in the Superyacht world

Providing Value For Money

A Superyacht system without the Superyacht cost

Giving Back

5% of the profits are donated to fellow crew members in need