Fleet Management Made Easy

Available now for iPad and the web.

Fleet Management Made Easy

Available now for iPad and the web.

Fleet Management Made Easy

Available now for iPad and the web.


Manage more yachts in less time while reducing risk and increasing safety and your bottom line. Whether you manage 5 or 50 yachts, Total Superyacht will make it easy.

Change doesn’t need to be hard, expensive or time consuming… we’ve already done all the work for you. Brand our modern platform as your own and enjoy accolades from your clients about how simple and easy you make safety and compliance.

Total Superyacht is so good, you’ll think you developed it yourselves.


Smart data processing supplies Fleet Analytics that helps you deliver better management decisions to increase safety on all your vessels.

Why Total Superyacht Fleet Management ?

Hassle-free Compliance

Forget the rest – go with the best. Plug in your SMS, enjoy our automated reporting register and never worry about controlled documents again. TotalSuperyacht is the only software to cover all DPA requirements.

Effortless Reporting

Synchronized real-time reporting means audits are a breeze and take no time to prepare. Our truly paperless system will save your company time and money and will make your life easier.

Superior Management

Daily, monthly & annual dashboards provide unprecedented analytics. Track your fleet in real-time using satellite and terrestrial AIS.  Manage more vessels safer, faster and better while using less resources.

Streamlined Operations

Deliver fleet wide contingency plans, drill schedules, SMS registers, notices & circulars and audit schedules. TotalSuperyacht provides you with a modern, intuitive, easy to use platform for the DPA and the crew.


Demo the future of Safety Management Systems today!

Looking for Fleet Pricing?

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised!

Stay on top of your fleet management!

Coordinating management across a fleet of yachts has never been easier.

We make it simple to review and comment on monthly reports and easy to maintain crew and vessel certificates.

With Total Superyacht, you’ll sail through flag audits with minimal preparation time.

Real-time data syncing, means you don’t have to wait until the end of the month or the next audit to find an issue.

Automatic notifications are sent when contracts, certificates and audits are coming due and when a submitted HOR form exceeds the MLC limits.

With TotalSuperyacht you will stay on top and ahead of the rest.

Easily manage everything in one place!

Access your entire fleet from one page with just one login.

Break free from the office and connect to your fleet management site from anywhere, anytime using a PC, Mac, laptop or tablet.

If you’re still using a paper based SMS, Dropbox or SharePoint it’s time to give your clients and yourselves the best SMS software on the market.

Fleet management software needs to be more than just functional and reliable. We go the extra mile to ensure that your system has a high level of useability and proficiency.

Your clients will love using TotalSuperyacht and so will you.

ISM - It's Simple Mate!

Let us demonstrate how easy it is to set up the system and get you running.