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Total Superyacht – The future of yacht management software.

ISM: It’s Simple Mate!

Total Superyacht makes it easy to stay on top of ISM compliance. You have full access to the information you need, when you need it.

The DPA has full knowledge of all the ISM elements at their fingertips.

No more printing, scanning, attaching and emailing.

Why Total Superyacht?

Time and Money Saver

ISM Reporting has never been this fast. Breeze through crew familiarisations, monthly reports and audit preparations. You won’t know what to do with your spare time!

For The Entire Crew

Unlike other department-specific apps, Total Superyacht is designed for the entire crew.  So it allows you to coordinate safety management easily.

Easy to Set Up

Total Superyacht comes with over 100 pre-populated templates created by veteran crew with over 70 years of combined experience, which makes it painless to configure and easy to set up in any yacht.

How Can Total Superyacht Help You?


Is everything slowed down because of reporting?

Real time reporting in our app makes sure everyone is on the same page all the time. Crew, Captain, Managers and DPAs have real-time visibility of onboard safety requirements.

Are you tired of doing all the paperwork?

Total Superyacht will help you get rid of the paper and embrace state-of-the-art technology. No more printing, scanning, filing, attaching and emailing documents back and forth.


Our philosophy of ‘Data Flow’ – not data entry – is what makes all the difference. Fully integrated software modules talk to each other and automate delivery of information to wherever you want it – whenever you want it.

Are you getting headaches thinking about the audits?

With Total Superyacht audit preparations are fast and simple. You can quickly access safety records, and conduct audits in a flash.

With Total Superyacht, It's Simple Mate!

Let us demonstrate how easy it is to set up.

ISM Features

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