This may sound immodest, but we are completely confident our system is better than any bespoke management software. We know this because we know exactly what it took to develop Total Superyacht. It took a team of seven dedicated, hardworking individuals three years of full-time development. It would simply never make economic sense for a management company to expend that amount of time, effort, and money to develop a system to manage its own fleet.

The management companies we’ve spoken to told us they developed their bespoke systems because they couldn’t find a third party product that met their needs. We believed them, because that was the case… until Total Superyacht came along.

Total Superyacht is so good, you’ll think you designed it yourself!

Why is Total Superyacht Different?

  1. We listened carefully to DPAs and developed software to meet all their needs
  2. You can easily ‘plug in’ your already established SMS into the Total Superyacht software
  3. We understand that management companies have their own unique styles of management, and we provide flexible options to enable as much, or as little, management as needed
  4. We provide real-time visibility into on board operations and safety
  5. Our system allows you to manage more yachts with fewer resources. One management company told us it took them a few short hours to complete tasks with our software that would normally take weeks!
  6. We know exactly what crew need, and the value for money to the crew is so high they’ll be happy to pay the subscription price, which will save you money on development
  7. The software can be white labeled so you can call it your own without all the development hassle or associated expenses

What if you already spent a lot of money developing a system?

We know it’s difficult to walk away from something when you’ve devoted a lot of time and money to it. But the bottom line is that it will never be as good as Total Superyacht. In addition to what you would pay for a bespoke system, you’d need to employ IT staff to maintain and support it.

Crew burdened with inefficient systems that complicate their day-to-day duties are brutally vocal and not afraid to ask for more and more changes and upgrades. Let us take the burden of continued development off your hands so that you can focus on expanding your core business of yacht management.

Two things you won’t get with bespoke software

1. The Digital Reference Center (DRC) is an encyclopaedia of everything superyachting. Global experts have partnered with SOS to deliver accurate information on how to maintain and care for every surface and product onboard. But it doesn’t stop there. The DRC is full of great information like country-by-country jet ski regulations, vaccination guidelines, fabric stain removal tips, wine information, barista knowledge and yacht master guidelines for charter and compliance.

2. Fleet Analytics, which uses smart data processing to study an entire fleet’s records, providing analytics the yachting industry has never seen before. Managers love knowing which department exceeded their hours of rest the most across their entire fleet. Flag love knowing where most accidents happen on board across an entire fleet. The DPA loves knowing how long it takes each yacht to complete a Non Conformity Report relative to all other yachts across their entire fleet. We crunch the data and extract this information automatically. All a Fleet manager needs to do is click a few buttons to see in real time what’s happening across their entire fleet.

Did we mention that we plan for Total Superyacht to be to yachting what Outlook is to email? We’d love for you to join us to make this industry safer and more efficient and convenient for everyone.

Total Superyacht – The Future of Vessel Management Software.

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