Are you concerned that if you switch ISM providers or leave your current management company, your ISM records won’t follow you?

We hear this story from Captains all the time. “I’m receiving poor service from my management company and I’m paying them a mozza for it… but they’ve got me by the short and curlies!”

The Issue

It’s important to remember is that a vessel’s ISM records are the vessel’s ISM records — not the management company’s.

The only thing that belongs to the management company is their Safety Management Manual, which you should give back to them when you leave their management. If the management company is using software to manage their SMS, you have the right to ask for all your historical records in a format you can show to the next Port State Control Officer.

If a management company refuses, your flag state should step in and make it happen. After all, they are the ones who issue the DOC to the vessel and to the management company.


Luckily there is now an even better solution!

Total Superyacht allows you to maintain all your records and change ISM providers without losing any information.

Drill reports, Hours of Rest, Safety Meetings, Crew Details and certificate tracking, vessel certificate tracking, Medical Reports, Non Conformities, and Maintenance History — along with everything else — is yours to keep.

Many management companies use Total Superyacht and are happy to recommend any version that suits your budget and operating needs.

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