In the beginning

The Superyacht Operating Systems team has many decades of on board crewing experience to draw from and have personally experienced the burdens of excessive administration. The team, and their website, are already well known for providing quality information and top-notch SOPs. As with any veteran yacht crew, they strive for perfection. Their extensive experience with refit and new build and on large yachts with global operations provides the knowledge to understand what makes a difference to crew.

Total Superyacht started out as a solution for reducing the paperwork associated with ISM compliance and became a comprehensive digital solution for managing everything from safety management to wine lists. A Checklist App allows crew to complete recurring safety tasks and standard operating procedures directly on an iPad. Assigning failed items directly to the respective work lists automates workflow within and between departments. Synchronizing between vessel and shore-based management was critical to the success of Total Superyacht, and perfecting it caused many sleepless nights. The compliance software was launched in 2015 with a tag line courtesy of The Superyacht Group’s Martin Redmayne:

“ISM: It’s Simple, Mate!”

 People are addicts!

Crew fell in love with Total Superyacht early on, and the DPAs were very impressed, but they could see potential for it to be even better. The team spent a further six months in development with the assistance of veteran DPAs, perfecting the compliance side. It’s these details that make all the difference when it comes to how long it takes to maintain a vessel’s compliance. They focused on adding small features that would make a big difference to how DPAs do their work.

Total Superyacht was now so easy to use it made yachts’ existing planned maintenance software seem all the more cumbersome. The developers listened to what the crew were saying and continued developing with a view to providing a full vessel management solution. With input from engineers, first officers and DPAs, they developed the Equipment List, Planned Maintenance System and Inventory modules. At the same time they added new modules like the In/Out Board, Port Emergency Contacts, Muster Stations and Monthly Reports. All this contributed to what the Total Superyacht Vessel Management Software is today.

Management Companies

The management of an entire Fleet (from 2 to 100 yachts) was next on their list. Daily, Monthly and Annual dashboards provide unprecedented analytics of critical information that allows DPAs to manage more yachts in less time. The team built their own Fleet Tracking software using Terrestrial and Satellite AIS data that can monitor an entire fleet from one place. Their Notice and Circulars module distributes and allows acknowledgments with just a few clicks, and an Office Audit reports page distributes Audit reports to the relevant vessels with the touch of a button.

Digital Reference Center

Total Superyacht was already dramatically different from any other vessel management software. But the latest addition, the Digital Reference Center (DRC), takes it to a whole new level.

The DRC is an encyclopaedia of everything superyachting. Global experts have partnered with SOS to deliver accurate information on how to maintain and care for every surface and product on board. But it doesn’t stop there: the DRC is full of great information like country by country Jet Ski regulations, vaccination guidelines, fabric stain removal tips, wine information, barista knowledge and yacht master guidelines for charter and compliance.

Comprehensive, intelligently-designed and logical, just the way software should be…