Some companies market themselves as being flexible in that you can pause your subscription without losing your data.

Safety never takes a day off!

But is this actually a useful feature? It might arguably be for small, uncrewed yachts, but it’s hard to imagine how it would fit into the lifecycle of a large yacht with crew. After all, when would it be appropriate to put safety on pause to save a few dollars? Does safety take a day (or month) off? Is safety management unimportant during shipyard periods?

The answer, of course, is that safety is equally important at sea, at the dock and in the shipyard. Touting this kind of ‘flexible’ software may be a clever marketing gimmick, but it is irrelevant to the needs of most superyachts.

What does flexible mean when it comes to Total Superyacht?

It means Total Superyacht adapts to your Flag’s MLC requirements. It means each yacht can simply plug in their own ISM provider’s Flag-approved safety management system (or, in the case of a private yacht, they can use their own or ours). It means you choose the notification period you want for your vessel certificate renewals. It allows you to set access permissions, set the required certificates for each crew member, and choose an IMO or USCG crew list.

It means you can automatically switch reporting between Hours of Rest and Hours of Work and easily customize checklists and SOPs to make them vessel specific. You can add your own employment forms and create your own familiarizations.

The competition may offer a flexible option as a sales gimmick. But Total Superyacht offers a much more comprehensive product that allows genuine and useful flexibility.

Which would you prefer?